Monthly Archives: December 2011

They have already started to look retrospective, but these photos are all from 2011 term 1 of my second year in Goldsmiths.These are in order of production.


R0012281  1


Instead of listening to your Campion serenade, I rather sing a real music for you.

Mixed media on canvas

180cm x 140cm



R0012282  1


Casserole Friday

Mixed media on canvas

150cm x 230cm



MG 8173  1


“We must reject the envy, not listen to false leaders, often ignorant, do not let that influence us to trumpet their competitors insignificant little wisdom, we need to be ourselves”

Oil and soft pastel on canvas

150cm x 150cm



R0012433  1


“So now we’re standin’ so damn closeYou’ve been in rehab, you think I don’t knowI just remind you of yesterdayPlaces forgotten, and friends passed away”

(Title for the work framed with knitted objects)

Installation piece of 2 objects, painting and knitted sculpture


Oil, soft paster and embroidery on cotton canvas

40inch x 40inch

Knitted Sculpture

wool hand knitted ball stuffed with polyester waddings in black calico bag,size varies


R0012429  1


“You know what I’d like to be? I mean if I had my goddam choice, I’d just be the catcher in the rye and all.”

Digital embroidery on cotton

Size varies

Stretched on a frame,  30cm x 45cm