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I finished ‘See No Evil’ and ‘Hear No Evil’. I also finished tufting the ‘Speak No Evil’ just today.

I still have to make some cherries and petals, then leaves !?


See no evil

I’ll give titles to these soon.

Approx.  150 x 135 x 4.5 (cm)




I’ll give titles to these soon.

Approx.  150 x 135 x 4.5 (cm)




Yup Still hairy and upside-down



Back side of it.



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One of the object for big installation


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Cherries and Petals.

My first gun tufting piece is nearly complete. I made a MDF backing board and laid the work on to it.

I’m waiting for a silicon glue to dry in between the rug and the MDF.




This is the second piece I worked on this week, and so far this is my personal favorite. It took lot less time than I expected.

I started working on this piece from Tuesday and I finished it on Friday afternoon. Nice.

This is how it looked when I was working on it. I worked on it upside-down, because I used 45 mm needle height for the hair part which is also the biggest area of the rug. 





I flipped the photograph for you and this is the front. 




I am also making some object to go around the 3 pieces.