Oil Painting

For those of you who can’t make it to my show and who wants to have an early sneak peek.

I wish you were here…. Sad you are not here, but glad you are not here.


Yasuhito Ota

Titles and details


Title: Mum’s Barbie doll cloth

Medium: Digital textile print on wool

Size: 130cm x183cm

Year: 2012


Title: The Buns.

Installation piece of 2 objects, painting and knitted sculpture


Medium:Oil, soft paster and embroidery on cotton canvas

Size:101.6cm x 101.6cm

Knitted Sculpture

Medium: Wool hand knitted ball stuffed with polyester waddings in black calico bag,size varies



Title: Hi? Hey! Hello.

Medium: Gun tufting, Wool and synthetic yarn on synthetic canvas

Size: Varies



Title: Thank god for mom and dad for sticking two together, ‘Cause we don’t know how…

Medium: Oil on canvas

Size: 373cm x 230cm



Title: Closer than heaven, and close to Sun.

Medium: Oil on linen

Size: 180cm x 140cm



Title: Found watermelon  (Part of the instalation with 09 and 10)

Medium: Digital textile print on wool

Size: 130cm x183cm

Year: 2012


Title: Untitled  (Part of the instalation with 08 and 09)

Medium: Digital embroiderly on canvas

Size: Approx. 150cmx150cmx150cm, Tee Pee Tent

Year: 2012


Title: Kokeshi Tribe  (Part of the instalation with 09 and 10)

Medium: Digital textile print on wool

Size: 130cm x183cm

Year: 2012







Sorry guys for not uploading frequently enough.

I’ve been making tote bags and oil painting and preparing for the gun tufting project.

Anyways.. here are the loads of photos from my activities.






This is my favorite one. YES!




Blue isn’t too bad right?



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I like this flower, and this specific kind of flower means a lot to me.


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This is the preparatory drawing for tufting. I hope I did it right…




Yes I’ve been slacking off from my water colour practice… but yea I did a lot on my oil painting practice today.

I was very happy and I think I will be more happy.

I think Spring is already here. Isn’t this Japanese Sakura?!!?

Sometime I can’t spot Cherry Blossom or Plum Tree… but this is Cherry Blossom isn’t it?




I did this water colour  for friends in the U.S.


I never liked Woody Allen Film, but I actually live like one of those character from his movie…

Water colour on Arches Paper

11×15 inch

3rd March 2012


I never did water colour of my friends in the studio next door. here it is… hope she’ll like it.


This whatever piss doesn’t make me happy, just give a pint of Guiness. (WJK 2.0)

Water Colour on Arches Paper

11×15 inch

3rd March 2012


My another friends also gave her self another hair cut.

A lot of artist here got hair cut in this past 3 weeks…


Humming, humming, so the rain won’t ruin my day…

Water Colour Arches Paper

11×15 inch

3rd March 2012


I think the green for the carpet is bit ugly… but I’ll put some special technique on the green area… so it should look fun!?



My friends gave her a new knit hat!!! Wow and Wow



(I’ll come back to this post later tonight and write more…)




I started my day from big oil painting. Well… not exactly.

I started working on oil painting quickly after I went to the constructive textile work shop to ask about gun tufting.




Every time when I make textile work, or think about new textile project it certainly give me really good influence to my other art practices, especially oil painting.




I did some quick doodle tonight, but I really love it.

and I was in good doodle mood… decided to do one more




Boo!! (Two Boo!!)

Water colour on Arches paper

11×15 inch

28th Feb 2012


I would say the first doodle is so much better and it is even better than the water colour I did later in this evening…

but I like them both…




Off to collect the test prints, where is the taxi…

Water colour on Arches paper

11×15 inch

28th Feb 2012





Sometime I produce more than one water colour painting… I made a rule that I make at least one water colour painting or drawing, maybe any art a day.

So far I am following the rule ok…




Chasing the rainbow after this raining season…

Water colour on Arches paper
21st Feb 2012




My friends Olarn gave me the nicest biscuit I ever had in my past 4 months today. It was a black currant one.

I love it so much!




Work still in progress

230x376cm (approximately… everytime I get different measurement… the wood tends to warp sometime… I need to re-stretch this on proper one…)

Oil on canvas


I started working on this big painting again. It does still make me very paranoid, but surely it is fun to work with oil paints.

It is still may favorite media.




Work still progress

Oil on canvas board




I have to finish this painting soon. I have to send this to Japan. Deadline is pretty soon, but I wanna spend more time on this piece…

It’s bit hard to built a nice texture on cheap canvas board… but I’m experimenting with Impesto Paste(is this spelt right?) more.


I don’t normally take request, but JU JU U seemed desperately want one… 
So I did one for her…



Desparte Art teacher substituting in Math Class (wearing weird eye glasses)

Water colour on Arches paper
21st Feb 2012