I’ve been making a zine every month and the series is called 梅子と僕 / Umeko and I

I use my sewing machine for binding papers. 

Surprisingly a normal sewing machine sews papers pretty well.

I sew 11 sheets of papers (including a cover page) with a gauge 14 needle.






I design envelopes for subscribers too. 





These are some water colour paintings for character design.



She is a main character.  / うめちゃん (Ume-chan)





Main character’s mentor, and good friends. /  桃絵師匠 (Master Momoe)



Master Momoe’s soul mate. / つばき研究生 (Research student Tsubaki)



Taro / たろうちゃん (Friends)


Hanshin-kun / 阪神君 (Friends)


Imazu-kun / 今津君 (Friends)


Kokeshi-senpai / こけし先輩 (Mentor)


Tsuruko / 鶴子さん (Main-character’s enemy)



I have also published a photographic zine.


Th zine01

Th zine02

Th zine03


My photographic zine is partially a research book about how people try to accommodate their garden in small back streets of my hometown. 



Oh… one important thing. I am showing my paintings at jubilee GALLERY now. 



My first gun tufting piece is nearly complete. I made a MDF backing board and laid the work on to it.

I’m waiting for a silicon glue to dry in between the rug and the MDF.




This is the second piece I worked on this week, and so far this is my personal favorite. It took lot less time than I expected.

I started working on this piece from Tuesday and I finished it on Friday afternoon. Nice.

This is how it looked when I was working on it. I worked on it upside-down, because I used 45 mm needle height for the hair part which is also the biggest area of the rug. 





I flipped the photograph for you and this is the front. 




I am also making some object to go around the 3 pieces. 


I started it today.

Taking a quite big risk. I am challenging something I have never done and not gonna paint for awhile.

well… I am never good at painting neither, but at least painting is the one I discipline the most.




This is the test and the sample for the hight of needles I want for hair and other part of the work.

45 mm is the highest and uses more yarn. so I was thinking very strong hair and less shorter on the face.



Did some painting in the morning… no wonder I am very tired now… I could only make a small progress, but better than nothing.

It’s all good right?

479305 543227163962 271100626 1011354 784136231 o


Sorry for not updating water colour paintings for awhile… I’ve started my screen printing project.

I’ve been very busy with 3 different projects at the same time.


1. Gun Tufting – making rug

2. Screen Projects – making tote bags for friends and some for degree show.

3. Really big oil painting

4. Embroidery patch work




Three screens !!!




This is where I’ll be working for next couple days !?




This is the proof print for the canvas proof print.



I ordered blank canvas totes last week. It arrived last Saturday, but I picked them up this afternoon.

I will be in the print room soon with Roberto. Hopefully I get nice drawing lines printed as sharp as possible.

Roughly 50 bags inside…



I like the atmosphere of the day before big shows… big festival… I perhaps like to get exhausted, or looking at exhausted people.


Thank you for to sticking with me for all the past 6 years. (Things have gone great so far.)

Water colour on Arches Paper


5th March 2012


Soon I won’t be able to update water colour paintings… I gotta go to John Purcell Paper soon to pick up more papers.




There is certain abrasiveness and sadness about happy paintings…

Wonder if we and I can really keep or have sustainable happiness in our life.

I doubt it.

Therefor it is perhaps very important to try remenbering happy moment in our life… no matter what other people call you pathetic… nostalgic…

we tend to remember sad and bad memories clearly but not the happy one…




I miss you so much, and we should eat something scrumptious together.
(Last Smile)

Water Colour on Arches Paper
11×15 inch
4th March 2012





Where were you while we were getting ‘drunk’? 

Water Colour on Arches Paper
11×15 inch
4th March 2012


I think Spring is already here. Isn’t this Japanese Sakura?!!?

Sometime I can’t spot Cherry Blossom or Plum Tree… but this is Cherry Blossom isn’t it?




I did this water colour  for friends in the U.S.


I never liked Woody Allen Film, but I actually live like one of those character from his movie…

Water colour on Arches Paper

11×15 inch

3rd March 2012


I never did water colour of my friends in the studio next door. here it is… hope she’ll like it.


This whatever piss doesn’t make me happy, just give a pint of Guiness. (WJK 2.0)

Water Colour on Arches Paper

11×15 inch

3rd March 2012


My another friends also gave her self another hair cut.

A lot of artist here got hair cut in this past 3 weeks…


Humming, humming, so the rain won’t ruin my day…

Water Colour Arches Paper

11×15 inch

3rd March 2012


I think the green for the carpet is bit ugly… but I’ll put some special technique on the green area… so it should look fun!?



My friends gave her a new knit hat!!! Wow and Wow



(I’ll come back to this post later tonight and write more…)