I’ve started working on real ‘thing’

I can already tell, this is going to be brilliant, and I am already enjoying this a lot!


From the font side of the work. This is only contour lines, except the but green and white stripes.



This is the close up of the work. It is only contour lines.



For my own personal reference…

I should write down which yarn I used today, so I can make the same blending for the next two (Speak No Evil, See No Evil)



This is where I work and what I see while I’m tufting.



Practice and blending area. I do little practice before I do funny shapes and check the colour.


I ordered blank canvas totes last week. It arrived last Saturday, but I picked them up this afternoon.

I will be in the print room soon with Roberto. Hopefully I get nice drawing lines printed as sharp as possible.

Roughly 50 bags inside…



I like the atmosphere of the day before big shows… big festival… I perhaps like to get exhausted, or looking at exhausted people.


Thank you for to sticking with me for all the past 6 years. (Things have gone great so far.)

Water colour on Arches Paper


5th March 2012


Soon I won’t be able to update water colour paintings… I gotta go to John Purcell Paper soon to pick up more papers.




I’m planning to do some screen printing on plain canvas bags.

I order several different sizes and colours. Hopefully I can start printing from next week.

… which means I have to draw more and scan them before next week.


Can any of you spot who this is? If you can spot it… I’ll give you the canvas bag.



Queen of the baking ( two exclamation mark).

Water colour on Arches paper

11×15 inch

’29th’ Feb 2012


This is easy to spot who this is !!!


Sad, depressed, and allergy, but I continued to paint. (Listening to The Radio Dept on my iPod)

Water colour on Arches paper

11×15 inch

’29th’ Feb 2012



A lot to do. Bee wax paste, surprisingly didn’t retard the speed of drying as I presume. Which is good.



Sorry for such a bad quality of the photograph…

I also did this drawing for my friends in Vermont. She is also an artist. And she is a brilliant at baking.

I told her my recipe for Anpan (Japanese Sweet Bean bun). I hope she remembers the recipe.



Moddest, yet skilled friend.

Drawing on A4 drawing pad

29th Feb 2012


In two weeks time, I’m gonna finally start my gun tufting project.

Helen (constructive textile technician) told me she has already ordered 60kg of yarn..

I can’t imagine how big the 60kg of yarn gonna be…



This is the water colour drawing I gave to Helen for the colour matching. Nice nice!

I’m expecting my friends coming over from Chelsea to discuss each other’s painting issues.

This is the water colour painting I did for her as a gift. I hope she’ll like it.




Even where witches live has traffic jams… which really bothers me.

Water colour on Arches paper

11×15 inch

28th Feb 2012



I went to Borough Market with my friends around 3PM to pick up some good coffee from Monmouth and a shampoo from Aesop.

London Bridge station has changed quite a lot! Very impressed…




At the moment, there are many small nice and good stuff in my studio. I collect things…





Yo-san gave me a tutorial today. It was very helpful. I had really good lunch with her, but we had a Chinese Buns from Chinese store before our lunch…

so we couldn’t really finish slow organic nice food. But, it’s all good.

Thank you Yo-san.




Yep, Sunday water colour. 

Imaginary Primrose Hill Picnic Day…

Water Colour on Arches paper



Taking an Imaginary Japanese Midnight Train with her, someday…

Water Colour on Arches paper

Back to painting practice… starting from drawings.

I miss her a lot, and my dog and japan and e.t.c… endless.

I wanna do midnight walk (impulsively stray around the city during the summer) when I go back to Japan next summer.


Neko Chan

Drawing on A4 tracing paper