For those of you who can’t make it to my show and who wants to have an early sneak peek.

I wish you were here…. Sad you are not here, but glad you are not here.


Yasuhito Ota

Titles and details


Title: Mum’s Barbie doll cloth

Medium: Digital textile print on wool

Size: 130cm x183cm

Year: 2012


Title: The Buns.

Installation piece of 2 objects, painting and knitted sculpture


Medium:Oil, soft paster and embroidery on cotton canvas

Size:101.6cm x 101.6cm

Knitted Sculpture

Medium: Wool hand knitted ball stuffed with polyester waddings in black calico bag,size varies



Title: Hi? Hey! Hello.

Medium: Gun tufting, Wool and synthetic yarn on synthetic canvas

Size: Varies



Title: Thank god for mom and dad for sticking two together, ‘Cause we don’t know how…

Medium: Oil on canvas

Size: 373cm x 230cm



Title: Closer than heaven, and close to Sun.

Medium: Oil on linen

Size: 180cm x 140cm



Title: Found watermelon  (Part of the instalation with 09 and 10)

Medium: Digital textile print on wool

Size: 130cm x183cm

Year: 2012


Title: Untitled  (Part of the instalation with 08 and 09)

Medium: Digital embroiderly on canvas

Size: Approx. 150cmx150cmx150cm, Tee Pee Tent

Year: 2012


Title: Kokeshi Tribe  (Part of the instalation with 09 and 10)

Medium: Digital textile print on wool

Size: 130cm x183cm

Year: 2012









I finished ‘See No Evil’ and ‘Hear No Evil’. I also finished tufting the ‘Speak No Evil’ just today.

I still have to make some cherries and petals, then leaves !?


See no evil

I’ll give titles to these soon.

Approx.  150 x 135 x 4.5 (cm)




I’ll give titles to these soon.

Approx.  150 x 135 x 4.5 (cm)




Yup Still hairy and upside-down



Back side of it.



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One of the object for big installation


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Cherries and Petals.

My first gun tufting piece is nearly complete. I made a MDF backing board and laid the work on to it.

I’m waiting for a silicon glue to dry in between the rug and the MDF.




This is the second piece I worked on this week, and so far this is my personal favorite. It took lot less time than I expected.

I started working on this piece from Tuesday and I finished it on Friday afternoon. Nice.

This is how it looked when I was working on it. I worked on it upside-down, because I used 45 mm needle height for the hair part which is also the biggest area of the rug. 





I flipped the photograph for you and this is the front. 




I am also making some object to go around the 3 pieces. 


This week I  spent most of the time tufting.

I’ve been slaking off from water colour routine… shame.


This is where I work and how it looks like from the back side.




The button turns out really yellow… I might blend different colours for the other two…



Not bad at all… but I’m going to work on the lip again on Monday…




The colour of the lip was too close to the cheek and positioning wasn’t right…

It looks so different from the back and the front.

I need to go get 5litre of latex for backing soon.


I’ve started working on real ‘thing’

I can already tell, this is going to be brilliant, and I am already enjoying this a lot!


From the font side of the work. This is only contour lines, except the but green and white stripes.



This is the close up of the work. It is only contour lines.



For my own personal reference…

I should write down which yarn I used today, so I can make the same blending for the next two (Speak No Evil, See No Evil)



This is where I work and what I see while I’m tufting.



Practice and blending area. I do little practice before I do funny shapes and check the colour.


I started it today.

Taking a quite big risk. I am challenging something I have never done and not gonna paint for awhile.

well… I am never good at painting neither, but at least painting is the one I discipline the most.




This is the test and the sample for the hight of needles I want for hair and other part of the work.

45 mm is the highest and uses more yarn. so I was thinking very strong hair and less shorter on the face.



Did some painting in the morning… no wonder I am very tired now… I could only make a small progress, but better than nothing.

It’s all good right?

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Sorry guys for not uploading frequently enough.

I’ve been making tote bags and oil painting and preparing for the gun tufting project.

Anyways.. here are the loads of photos from my activities.






This is my favorite one. YES!




Blue isn’t too bad right?



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I like this flower, and this specific kind of flower means a lot to me.


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This is the preparatory drawing for tufting. I hope I did it right…




Yes I’ve been slacking off from my water colour practice… but yea I did a lot on my oil painting practice today.

I was very happy and I think I will be more happy.