Sorry for not updating water colour paintings for awhile… I’ve started my screen printing project.

I’ve been very busy with 3 different projects at the same time.


1. Gun Tufting – making rug

2. Screen Projects – making tote bags for friends and some for degree show.

3. Really big oil painting

4. Embroidery patch work




Three screens !!!




This is where I’ll be working for next couple days !?




This is the proof print for the canvas proof print.



I bought another plant for my studio today.

I also received a little ‘surprise’ from Hong Kong today. Happy Saturday.




He is not trying’ to scare you, he is just telling’ you are going the wrong way.

Water colour on Arches Paper

11×15 inch

25th Feb 2012


And this is new studio mate. I hope Mr Cactus and a new girl get along well …


Roberto bought me a new 250g bag of El Salvador coffee beans.

I can’t wait to try them!

I’m bit sloppy today… I don’t like the feeling of ‘running out of time’ and try to get things done… but it’s all good after all…

I did a lot of drawings today, but I gave some of them away… I should have documented them.



Got some good records. Now we are off to Broadway Market, but where is he?

(Nice Tote-Bag innit? It’s exactly the same size as records! )

Water colour on Arches paper

11×15 inch



And this is the new studio mate.




I haven’t given the name yet.


Midnight Special



Just A Perfect Day,You Made Me Forget Myself.I Thought I Was Someone Else,Someone Good.

Water colour, pencil on Arches paper

11×9 inch 31x23cm