This week I  spent most of the time tufting.

I’ve been slaking off from water colour routine… shame.


This is where I work and how it looks like from the back side.




The button turns out really yellow… I might blend different colours for the other two…



Not bad at all… but I’m going to work on the lip again on Monday…




The colour of the lip was too close to the cheek and positioning wasn’t right…

It looks so different from the back and the front.

I need to go get 5litre of latex for backing soon.


I’ve started working on real ‘thing’

I can already tell, this is going to be brilliant, and I am already enjoying this a lot!


From the font side of the work. This is only contour lines, except the but green and white stripes.



This is the close up of the work. It is only contour lines.



For my own personal reference…

I should write down which yarn I used today, so I can make the same blending for the next two (Speak No Evil, See No Evil)



This is where I work and what I see while I’m tufting.



Practice and blending area. I do little practice before I do funny shapes and check the colour.


I started it today.

Taking a quite big risk. I am challenging something I have never done and not gonna paint for awhile.

well… I am never good at painting neither, but at least painting is the one I discipline the most.




This is the test and the sample for the hight of needles I want for hair and other part of the work.

45 mm is the highest and uses more yarn. so I was thinking very strong hair and less shorter on the face.



Did some painting in the morning… no wonder I am very tired now… I could only make a small progress, but better than nothing.

It’s all good right?

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Sorry guys for not uploading frequently enough.

I’ve been making tote bags and oil painting and preparing for the gun tufting project.

Anyways.. here are the loads of photos from my activities.






This is my favorite one. YES!




Blue isn’t too bad right?



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I like this flower, and this specific kind of flower means a lot to me.


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This is the preparatory drawing for tufting. I hope I did it right…




Yes I’ve been slacking off from my water colour practice… but yea I did a lot on my oil painting practice today.

I was very happy and I think I will be more happy.


Sorry for not updating water colour paintings for awhile… I’ve started my screen printing project.

I’ve been very busy with 3 different projects at the same time.


1. Gun Tufting – making rug

2. Screen Projects – making tote bags for friends and some for degree show.

3. Really big oil painting

4. Embroidery patch work




Three screens !!!




This is where I’ll be working for next couple days !?




This is the proof print for the canvas proof print.



I ordered blank canvas totes last week. It arrived last Saturday, but I picked them up this afternoon.

I will be in the print room soon with Roberto. Hopefully I get nice drawing lines printed as sharp as possible.

Roughly 50 bags inside…



I like the atmosphere of the day before big shows… big festival… I perhaps like to get exhausted, or looking at exhausted people.


Thank you for to sticking with me for all the past 6 years. (Things have gone great so far.)

Water colour on Arches Paper


5th March 2012


Soon I won’t be able to update water colour paintings… I gotta go to John Purcell Paper soon to pick up more papers.




There is certain abrasiveness and sadness about happy paintings…

Wonder if we and I can really keep or have sustainable happiness in our life.

I doubt it.

Therefor it is perhaps very important to try remenbering happy moment in our life… no matter what other people call you pathetic… nostalgic…

we tend to remember sad and bad memories clearly but not the happy one…




I miss you so much, and we should eat something scrumptious together.
(Last Smile)

Water Colour on Arches Paper
11×15 inch
4th March 2012





Where were you while we were getting ‘drunk’? 

Water Colour on Arches Paper
11×15 inch
4th March 2012