My central interest in my artistic practice is finding and re-defining the value judgments in our life. Through our life, we have to make a lot of judgments and I am always interested in what sort of things make people consider something more important over the other. Especially when it comes to memory, whether we do it consciously or not, our memory systems are very selective about its value judgment. I always wanted to make art works which can re-call or even trigger viewers’ important moment of their lives.

Through years of my artistic practice, I came to realize my own Japanese identity even more so when I worked abroad. However, I am aware that Japanese identity is very distinctive and hard to assimilate with Western identity. Moreover, I always wonder how and what makes Japanese culture so different from the rest. In the past few years, I have become more contradictory to my self and the audience who follow my works.  This has made me realize that perhaps being Japanese isn’t so different after all.

Since 2009, I stopped painting from any non-personal photographs. I started to see the value of my own drawings and experiences from my independent everyday life. I used to make art works that were lesser auto biographical, yet rich in narrative content. However, I enjoy working on drawings as a part of my essential in seeing my day- to- day experiences. And those drawings become the catalyst for my paintings.

I am currently interested in my selectiveness in my own art practices. In addition to this, by going through this process, my practice becomes more autobiographical and starts to obtain a richer narrative content. And at the same time, I am allowing my self and the viewers to make comparisons between my ‘painted memories’ and their own memories. Whatever I paint, my decision of what particular moment in the painting may become more universal rather than the same ‘very Japanese, depicted comic strip like paintings’.

I hope and try to make my paintings too look cute, but at the same time I want them to be abrasive to viewers, or disturbing in some sense.

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